Welcome to Macad|3D.

This user guide is intended to provide an introduction to the basic principles of the program. In addition, it serves as a reference about the design tools and scripting that can be used.

If you already know Macad|3D and want to know what has been added in the latest version, you can find an overview of the new features and changes here: What's new in release 3.

The following reading is recommended for beginners:

  1. Topology Model
  2. Editing Concepts
  3. Standard Tools
  4. Sketch Editing
  5. Drawings, Export and Import

A tutorial is also available:

The following articles are available to the advanced user interested in scripting:

  1. Running Scripts
  2. Writing Scripts
  3. Example: Creating Bodies and Shapes
  4. Further examples depending on the area of interest

I wish you a lot of fun and success with Macad|3D.

For questions, suggestions and criticism write to info@macad3d.net.
Macad|3D is Open Source, join us on GitHub.