Circular Array

Adds a number of copies of a sketch or a solid, which are arranged on a circle, to the shape.

Property Panel


Only for solid type bodies.
The plane on which the arrangement is placed. Currently only the three standard local planes are available.


The number of parts of the arrangement, including the original one.


The radius of the circle, on which the copies will be arranged.

Angle Range

Defines the range of the circle, in which the copies will be arranged. The angle between each element will be Range / (Quantity - 1).

Angle Range = 360°, Angle Range = 180°
Circular Array Angle Range


Defines the distribution of the elements in relation to the original element.

  • First: The original element will be the first element.

  • Center: The original element will be the central element. In this mode, the original element may be moved if Quantity is even.

  • Last: The original element will be the last element.

Alignment Left, Center and Last
Circular Array Alignment

Original Angle

The angle of the circle center to the original shape pivot. Use this parameter to rotate the circle or rather move the center of the circle.

Original Angle = 0°, Original Angle = 45°
Circular Array Original Angle

Keep Orientation

If checked, all copies will keep the orientation of the original. Otherwise the elements will be rotated accordingly to their position on the circle.

Keep Orientation checked and unchecked
Circular Array Keep Orientation


The circle center is defined by the shape pivot being a point on the circle, the Radius as the distance of the shape pivot to the circle center, and the Original Angle as the angle of the shape pivot on the circle. To move the center of the circle, adjust the Radius and the Original Angle.

Creating a Circular Array

  1. Select a sketch or a solid.

  2. Select Circular Array from ribbon menu.

  3. If created from solid, select the plane on which the multiplied elements will be distributed.

  4. Adjust parameters in the property panel or using the live tools.

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