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Datum Plane

Creates a reference plane according to the current working plane.

Property Panel


Extension of the plane in X and Y direction.

Keep Aspect Ration

Maintains the aspect ratio. If the expansion is changed in one of the two directions, the expansion in the other direction is also scaled according to the aspect ratio.


Use this button to load an image that will be projected onto the plane. After selecting the image, it is checked whether the aspect ratio of the plane corresponds to that of the image and an adjustment is offered.


The datum plane is an auxiliary tool and can be useful for the following purposes:

  • Retention of a working plane with the possibility of restoring it at a later time. To restore, select the reference plane and use the command Set as Working Plane in the context menu. Alternatively, Align Working Plane can be selected from the ribbon menu.

  • Fine-tuning of a working plane through the transformation tool or numerical entry of position and rotation - just like a body. This allows a working plane to be set that cannot be defined via a reference face or vertex.

  • Include a picture or a drawing with a precisely definable size as a template for sketches or other modeling work.

The datum plane can be selected in some other tools, e.g. creating a sketch.

Creating a Datum Plane
  1. Set the working plane in the desired position.

  2. Select Datum Plane from ribbon menu.

  3. Adjust the parameters in the property panel.