Makes a sketch or solid thicker or thinner by creating parallel copies of each curve or face at a specified distance and closing the resulting gaps.

Property Panel


Defines the distance between the new boundary and the initial one. A positive distance makes the shape thicker, a negative distance narrows the shape.

Original, Positive Distance, Negative Distance
Offset Distance

Corner Type

Specifies how gaps between the faces are filled at the edges where the faces move apart.

  • Round: The gaps will be filled with round faces to connect the faces. This also applies to gaps caused by negative distance in concave corners.

  • Angular: Closes the gaps by attempting to continue the original Faces up to their cutting edge.

Corner Type Round, Angular
Offset Corner Type

Keep Original

Only for sketch type bodies.
If checked, the original shape will be included in the result. Otherwise, the result will only contain the offset version.


For offset operation on sketches, it is mandatory that the segments must be closed.

Creating an Offset

An offset can be created on any sketch or solid shape.

  1. Select the solid or sketch to scale.

  2. Select Offset from ribbon menu.

  3. Adjust the distance in the property panel or using the live tools.