Halved Joint

Build a junction of two solids by removing half of the thickness from each part.

Property Panel

Size Ratio

Defines the ratio of the material thickness of each of the parts.

Size Ratio = 50%, Size Ratio = 25%
Halved Joint Size Ratio


If set to Auto the orientation of the half-cut will be determined automatically. If set to Custom the desired orientation can be selected in the viewport.
Select Orientation

Click to re-select the orientation in the viewport.
Only available if Orientation is set to Auto


The modifier will be added to the shape stack of both involved bodies. The parameters will be changed for both bodies accordingly. If the modifier is removed from the shape stack of one body, it is removed also from the other.

The modifier uses the overlap to determine the direction and depth of material removal. For this to work, the shapes involved must be four-sided and straight. Furthermore, the two parts must be able to slide into each other; any additional material removal to ensure this is not determined by this modifier.

If the automatism does not find a solution or another cutting direction is desired, this can be set directly in the viewport via the Orientation setting.

Multiple joints are created if the two shapes overlap at several points. Custom orientation can be selected for each of this joints separately.

The following cases are supported:

Cross Overlap
Halved Joint Case Cross

Tees Overlap
Halved Joint Case Tee

Corner Overlap
Halved Joint Case Corner

Parallel Overlap
Halved Joint Case Parallel

Creating a Halved Joint

  1. Select the solid.

  2. Select Halved Joint from ribbon menu.

  3. Select the other solid.

  4. Adjust the parameters in the property panel.