Create a full or a segment of a sphere shape. The sphere can be truncated on the bottom and the top.

Property Panel


The radius of the sphere.


If this value is smaller than 360°, a segment of the sphere is built using the given angle for the segment size in longitudinal direction.

Sphere with Segment = 270°
Sphere Segment 270

Extents (Lat)

Defines the extent of the sphere in lateral direction. The given values set the maximum and minimum latitude to create the sphere to.

Sphere with Extents = [-20°, 45°]
Sphere Extents

Creating a Sphere

The sphere will be created with the center point on the working plane, so consider setting up the working plane before starting.

  1. Select Create Sphere from ribbon menu.

  2. Select the center point of the sphere on the working plane.

  3. Select any rim point of the sphere. This will define the radius.


The pivot point is always set in the center of the sphere.